Public Board

A URL version of your boardz are automatically created the moment you upload a board.

PopBoardz Pro

Subscription Required

Keep it Private.   OR  Make it Public.


Once you've uploaded your board the default setting for your board is "Private".


Go to the Share button in your Menu - there you can select "Public" which will allow you to share your URL board with anyone... no PopBoardz software needed.

Your "Public" board is the star, when you share it publicly (without being signed into a PopBoardz account).

A Public Board · Not signed into an account

Here's what THEY see when you share


PopBoardz info is put at the bottom so your

board is featured for your "client".

Download Actual .pbz file

Although the board is "Read Only" (no changes possible online) but in the "footer" at the bottom the viewer can

share and even download the actual PopBoardz .pbz
for local viewing.

A Public Board · Signed into an account

Here's what YOU see when you share


The top blue Menu bar indicates that your are signed into your PopBoardz Pro account.

(more features available here)