cloud-based storage & more...

Access all of your project boardz

from a single dashboard screen.

Nested Boardz

Import an entire

 board into a tile.

Boardz with Nests

will appear with a

blue banner base in
your My Boardz area


Simply upload to the PopBoardz Pro cloud....

and we automatically generate a shareable website

and store your boardz in our private cloud.

URL Boardz

Instantly Create    Share

a web version
of your boardz.

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Manage members, collaborate & track team effectiveness.

Enterprise Services

(i.e. Analyze Results: Imagine tracking team members by board, tile, page,
length viewed, ordered viewed and if it was shared.)

The PopBoardz platform will allow your team to have the perfect "wingman" at their side

Remember, when a presentation becomes a discussion - that's when PopBoardz shines.

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PopBoardz Enterprise

Administration Tools

and more

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Admin Tools

User Analytics

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